I've always considered myself to have pretty good style, until I met Jenna and Nicole of Tater and Tot Style! I was first inspired by their boho chic and rocker looks on instagram and quickly realized my outfits were just too boring and I needed some extra fashion advice.

The first step was to really see what I already had in my closet and what needed to go. I am an extremely organized person and thought there wouldn't be much to get rid of as I had just gone through my closest a month prior to the girls coming over. After giving me their honest opinions of what I should keep and what should go, we ended up with 4 suitcases and 4 garbage bags full of clothes, shoes and accessories to donate. How the heck did I fit all of that in my closet?! And more importantly why did I feel the need to keep it all? Everything we put in the give away pile hadn't been worn for at least a year, was dingy looking from washing and wearing too much, or just simply out of style. I clearly could not get rid of these things on my own which is why having Jenna and Nicole there to really guide me on how to build on my wardrobe made it so much easier to get rid of it all! If you can believe it I still had a closet full of great things!

Then came the fun part. We basically kept all of my favorite things and made a list to establish what I would need first. We started by building my basics. Replacing old white tees and tanks with new ones, adding a few layering pieces and creating a more versatile closet. A lot of these purchases were cheap options since these are the items that you should be updating every year anyway. After that is was easy for me to shop for things I knew would go with a lot of what I had and it also allowed me to start accessorizing more. After having the basics, I also was able to start shopping the trends to create my own style.

I have to say I am ready for round 2 with these fabulous stylists and plan on using them to rebuild my fall wardrobe next month! There is also that fun feeling you get when people compliment you on your outfit and you can say "oh yeah my stylists are the best!" I mean right?! Who says we all can't feel like celebrities!! Now I just need to find someone to do my hair and make-up everyday and I'll be set!

Do yourself a favor and reach out to these ladies to start your 2016 off in style! You will look and feel amazing and everyone around you will notice!