no buy july.

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Happy July!! Everyone is saying they can’t believe that it’s already July, but for me, this season is going in slow motion being that I’m 29 weeks pregnant and just ready for baby girl to get here! Either way, I’m excited to share today’s post because it’s something I’ve never done before, but I can’t wait to try! What is this I speak of? It’s called “No buy July”. Basically, for the ENTIRE month of July (well really only until the 26th, because that’s when we leave for a week long vacation at the lake), Wes and I are not going to spend any money on ourselves on things we don’t necessarily need.

Because we’ve always been accustomed to a dual income and the ability to save money, spending money on frivolous things has never really been an issue (plus we aren’t huge spenders to begin with). But since I’m cutting back on work and preparing for baby #2, it’s really made me realize how much money we’ve been spending on things that aren’t necessarily providing anything to our quality of life. They are just things! So I want to see how we do this month and perhaps this is something we can add into our routine once a season, or at least give us the tools to start budgeting more since right now it’s non-existent.

First things first, I went into our bank account and checked our spending for June - holy crap I was shocked! We basically only use a credit card for our purchases (other than paying bills) so we can earn travel points and then we pay off the card before the statement date to avoid paying interest. Because of this, it’s really easy to see where we are spending the most money because our card company will break down every purchase by category. I will admit, since we are pretty terrible at budgeting, we almost never look at it this closely and it really is an eye opener. Last month, we spent over $1k in food and drinks alone - that includes groceries and eating out - and I was floored! That was shocking enough, not to mention the reoccurring trips to Target and Amazon purchases…it all adds up. What I’m most looking forward to for this no spend month is really getting a grip on what we are buying and thinking twice before whipping out the plastic. More than anything it’s just a practice we can use in the future and ask ourselves “Do we really need this?”.

So how will this work exactly? I’m breaking down our method below.

  • Food/Drink: We are allowing ourselves to eat out 2 x a week and spend $100 a week on groceries. This means meal prepping will be something we need to work on in order to make meals last for lunches or leftovers the next night. This also means no Starbucks or coffee orders on the weekends. This will be a tough one for me because I love to switch up my coffee drink and I work from coffee shops often, but I made sure to have enough supplies at home to make my coffee own everyday.

  • No shopping: Yep, you heard it first, I will not be buying anything other than necessities and that goes for the entire family. With the Nordstrom Anniversary sale quickly approaching I have made a deal with myself - I can only spend money at the sale if I am able to sell something I currently own. For example: Last month I gave 2 bags of clothes/shoes to consignment and I will use those earnings to treat myself to something at the sale (but only if I really need it). I have a ton more to sell that I will list on Poshmark or other local buy/trade groups to help offset this.

  • No personal care: No mani/pedi’s, hair appt’s, waxing, etc. This all needs to be put on hold for the month which if you think about it isn’t hard to do…it’s only 30 days!

  • Only buy necessities: When it comes to basic personal needs - toothpaste, shaving cream, toilet paper, etc - that is all okay. My method for helping me stay on track and only buying what we really need? Avoiding Target! I already have a list of things that we need for household items and I’m planning to purchase online to avoid deviating from the list. I also stocked up on Nespresso pods, vitamins, etc from Amazon before the month started so I would have those things handy.

So who wants to join in on our No Buy July!? You don’t have to do it this month, you can pick any month to do it! I just wanted to share our process in hopes that it can inspire you guys to do the same and save some extra money for whatever expenses you might have coming up! And really, do you need that cute fourth of july tank top that you’re only going to wear once?! Just pull out some stars and stripes from your wardrobe and call it a day!

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone! I’ll catch you next week!