a holistic facial that actually works and what I learned.

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Yesterday, I treated myself to some self-care and got a facial at a new local spa I’ve been wanting to try called, Spruce. Spruce is an all natural and green spa in West Seattle specializing in facials, waxing/sugaring, lash tinting and more. I was so impressed with not only their space (it’s so cute, I wanted to move in), but the experience I had during the facial.

This is the first time that I’d ever gotten a facial using all natural skincare products and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! They also used a few products on me from a brand I love called OSEA Malibu which was great because I got to try something new from a brand I was already familiar with. She started off with steam and a cleanser/exfoliant, facial oil applied with a Gua Sha scraper (which I will explain later), and followed up with a mask that literally smelled like ingredients picked fresh from the garden. While my mask was setting, I got an incredible hand, arm and décolletage massage that almost put me to sleep. I left feeling so relaxed and my skin was literally glowing! Not only that, but I was able to ask her a ton of questions about tools I can be using to further my skincare routine at home and here’s what I found out.

The proper use of a Jade Roller

A jade roller is an acient Chinese ritual that has been around for thousands of years, that helps increase blood flow, decrease puffiness and assist in helping facial oil or moisturizer to set into your skin. I had been wanting to try one forever, so I recently got one at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and was loving the results after just a few tries, but I wasn’t sure exactly how to use the roller so I asked my esthetician, KimJoy. You want to first apply a facial oil after you cleanse (it’s best if your skin is moisturized so I use a facial mist before hand) and then use the roller to really help penetrate the product starting at your chin and working your way up towards your forehead or out towards your ears. You can then use it again in a downward motion from forehead to the bottom of your neck. Use the small roller to get areas around your eyes and lips that are harder to reach. The roller is also cool to the touch so I love using it first thing in the morning to help me feel more awake and refreshed.

What is a Gua Sha Scraper?

She used this method during my facial and I have to be honest, I had never heard of it. So what is it and what does it do? It involves scraping your skin to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. Don’t be scared off by the word “scrapping” it doesn’t hurt at all. You want to use this tool with an oil base and then start at the bottom of your neck working your way up towards the hairline and then back down to help drain out all the toxins. She also used this around my lips and it sounds weird, but I could feel tiny bubbles of fatty tissue being spread out which she mentioned helps make your lips appear more plump and full - heck yea! I just added of of these to my cart so I can start doing it at home! It’s best done at night when you have more time, so crawl into bed and work the magic on your skin while relaxing at the same time. You can learn more about this technique here.

Dry brushing

I had also never heard of this technique but I was so surprised to hear how easy it was! Basically you use the dry brush on your face or body first thing after you wake up to remove any dead skin - this helps your moisturizer and/or oil to be able to work its magic. I’m looking forward to trying this in the morning before I use my jade roller because it’s so easy and I suffer from dry skin, especially on my hands and areas of my face.

How to maintain your facial at home

It’s best to get a professional facial at least once every season as the changes in weather can really affect your skin. Otherwise, you can practice great skin at home by making sure to exfoliate and use a mask at least once a week to remove dead skin and impurities. That and the help of the tools I mentioned above will be sure to keep your skin glowing all year long! Shop my favorite products below.

I am so happy to have found Spruce, and to celebrate, they are giving away one 45 Minute Plant Power Facial (valued at $85) to one lucky follower just for reading this post! To enter, just drop a comment below with why you’d love to win a free facial and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter for an extra bonus entry!