5 minute beauty routine.


I’ve recently become very invested in my skincare and beauty routine. Why? I realized how much better I feel when I have healthy & happy skin, but also, as I get older (I’m going to be 35 in October), I know how important it is to take care of my skin! Most of the products I have been using are cleaner, safer and non-toxic and let me tell you, my skin is thanking me! I am one of those people who actually enjoys getting ready, but since I’m currently 7 months pregnant and waking up to a toddler, I need a routine that is quick, easy and efficient! I’m sharing my everyday easy make up look that anyone can achieve.

Achieving a “no make up” make up look (minimal product for maximum effect) starts with a good skincare regime, so I am sharing my night/day skincare process below. I swear by Beautycounter products. They have never steered me wrong since starting using them almost two years ago and they are constantly coming out with innovative products that improve your skin and keep you safe and healthy. I also love clean beauty brands OSEA Malibu and Tula.



  1. Cleanse: I remove all make up with the cleansing balm. This is a make up remover and cleanser in one. Apply to dry skin and rub all over face focusing on areas where you wear the most, like eyes. Remove product with warm water and a wash cloth. *Side note: this jar will last you 6 months at least!

  2. Moisturize: I’m currently loving this one. I never used to use a day and night cream, but they really do each have their own benefits. I love this one because it’s extremely moisturizing without being too oily and it helps with age prevention.

  3. Oil: This step is optional (I usually do this a couple times a week or when I’m feeling extra dry). I apply a few drops after I moisturize. You can also mix into your lotion to kill two birds with one stone! This is a great time to use a jade roller if you have one.

  4. Under eye cream: I never used to use this until I started to notice the dark circles under my eyes. This is also great for age prevention so I know I’ll thank myself in 10 years! This brand is another clean beauty brand I love. It’s totally okay to mix products and brands as long as your skin is happy!


  1. Moisturize: I don’t typically cleanse my face in the morning. I found that it was making my skin extra dry, so, I just rinse my face off with warm water and apply this moisturizer. If you want to cleanse in the morning, I recommend this.

  2. Brightening eye balm: This is a game changer! I have shared this numerous times over on my Instagram account and people are going nuts for it (no wonder it was sold out for months). It packed with probiotics and caffeine so it instantly brightens, hydrates and cools your eyes leaving a nice glow as well. Apply under eyes and above eye lids for an instant wake-up call!


I’m listing out the products in order that I apply them. There is really no rhyme or reason to how I do this, this is just what works for me. I actually recorded myself doing this return for my IGTV and it took exactly 5 minutes (a little longer in that video because I was talking), you can watch it here.

  1. Dew Skin: This is a tinted moisturizer so it’s light coverage, but in the Summer when my skin already has a natural glow this is all I need. If you want fuller coverage, use this in conjunction with this foundation. This product has dew in the title for a reason - it does just that! It gives you the most amazing glow and as if you just walked into the humidity but in a good way, without melting off or smearing. *I apply this product with a beauty blender and use shade No. 3. I suggest going up a shade from your normal to give the illusion of a sun kissed tan.

  2. Concealer: I use this under my eyes to hide dark circles and any blemishes or imperfections. I love that it’s a pen so you can retract only as much product as you need. *I use shade Medium 1.

  3. Blush: This is a brand I have used forever and haven’t run out of yet so I didn’t have a need to get a new one, but I’ve heard these are also fabulous! I love coral colors on cheeks in the summer when you have a tan. I switch it out for something darker in the Fall.

  4. Eyeshadow: This is a palette I have had for a while and use often, but I want to convert to cleaner beauty so I will be buying this one that has amazing reviews! I use the lightest shade as my base and around the inner corners of my eyes to open them up. Then, I take the darkest shade (you can also use your bronzer for this) and apply that over the enter lid in a sweeping motion with a larger brush.

  5. Mascara + Primer: I have to admit, I have tried cleaner mascara products and I have yet to find anything as good as this mascara. It basically triples the length and fullness of my lashes! I recently started using it in conjunction with this primer and the results are amazing! Not only does it prime your lashes so the mascara can really do its magic, but it’s also packed full of vitamins so it naturally increases your lash length and fullness over time.

  6. Brow gel: I have really light brows so applying a bit of this not only makes them a bit darker, but fills them out nicely too without looking painted on.

  7. Bronzer: This is an optional step as I usually have a good enough tan where I don’t need this part, but if you don’t tan your face then you will want to include this. I only apply bronzer on my forehead right under my hair line, down the center of my nose and below my cheek bones (underneath where you would apply blush), this will make it look more natural. I apply with a fluffy brush like this. You can also opt for a bronzer stick to avoid any powder and really keep that fresh, dewey look. I love this one in bronze glow. I would apply in the same spots and blend wth a damp beauty blender.

Other products I love if I’m doing a fuller coverage make up look: Lipstick in color Brunch, Highlighter stick in Pearl Glow, applied in a “C” motion around eyes/cheekbone, Eyeliner in color black at base of lash line and bottom lash line, and Setting powder to keep everything in place.

So there you have it! You will be out of the house in under 10 minutes feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day! If you have any questions about the products I’ve linked or need help with a color match, feel free to leave a comment here and I’ll get back to you!