what i want wednesday.

stock image via  unsplash

stock image via unsplash

New series, who dis!? Read on to see what I’m talking about!

Well hello there…it’s been a while! My Dad came into town 2 weeks ago from the East Coast so I decided to unplug from work and spend quality time with him. I only get to see him about once a year (twice if I’m lucky) so it’s always a special occasion. We also went to California to attend my cousins wedding and I got to see his side of the family which I hadn’t seen in years {some of them for more than 15 years}! Wes had to stay behind for work which was a bummer, but Tayler and I had so much fun together - she really is my favorite travel buddy ever!

Okay, enough about me! So what is this new series business? What is “What I want wednesday” all about? Well, every other Wednesday I’ll be sharing not only what I’m lusting over or have recently purchased, but more importantly, what you guys are shopping for! Last week I took a poll on my Instagram account and asked what you guys were looking for. Below, I am sharing the top 3 shopping categories I was asked about and links to my suggestions.

I hope you guys love this new series and make sure to comment below with your current shopping needs to be featured in the next post!

what i want

what you want

Mom appropriate swimsuit - I have not personally tried this one but it’s in my shopping cart. I have seen it on a ton of other bloggers I follow and it’s appropriate for any size! Full coverage and so flattering!

Outdoor rug options- I loved this question because I am also on the hunt for a rug for our patio! I linked my top 3 favs below, but you can shop more, here. Bonus: they are all on sale through 5/17 and under $75!

Summer handbag and jewelry - You want something lightweight and easy to carry, like this. For jewelry, add in fun elements like shells and beads, and opt for gold as it looks the best on tan skin.