tips to help you get through the first trimester.

I am 10 weeks pregnant in this photo and in need of all the coffee!

I am 10 weeks pregnant in this photo and in need of all the coffee!

While I was busy in my state of pure exhaustion the past month, I had a lot of time to scroll through my phone. It was mostly videos of Tayler as a baby and pictures of us in the hospital after she was born, but I came across some blog posts I had written about each of my milestones with my first pregnancy that I never shared! When I was pregnant with Tayler, I wasn’t really blogging so I didn’t share a lot. This time around, I am so excited to share everything with you guys, especially because I have already been receiving messages from followers who are newly pregnant and dealing with a lot of the same things I expressed in my last blog post.

baby #1: first trimester

Here’s what I had written just after my first trimester ended.

“Let me just pre-face this by saying that I didn’t even know I was pregnant until 6 weeks along. My period was late, but we had just started trying so I assumed it was stress related and had no idea I would be pregnant so quickly. When I found out, I was shocked, especially since I hadn’t felt any symptoms yet. My Mom dealt with terrible morning sickness for almost the entire duration of her pregnancy, so I had serious fear of throwing up the entire time and being miserable. But it was actually quite the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely felt nauseous, especially in the morning if I didn’t eat something right away, but after that I was perfectly fine. I just ate A LOT! I started googling appetite during pregnancy because I didn’t think it could be normal to be eating so much! I would eat breakfast and an hour later I would be starving again - I just couldn’t get enough food in me. I assumed I was going to gain 20 lbs in the first trimester because of how much I was eating, but to my surprise at my 13 week check up I had barely gained any weight. Apparently I had a very active baby and my metabolism was running rapid (lucky me)!

More than anything, the most profound symptom I dealt with was the tiredness. I’ve always been a good sleeper, but this was on another level. I found myself crawling into bed before 9pm and not waking up until 7:30 the next day. It was extremely hard to focus at work because I would literally want to take a nap under my desk the second my food settled after lunch (and considering how much I was eating, no wonder I was so tired). But through it all, I still managed to muster up enough energy to get a work out in after work. That was always my stress reliever after a long day at the office so it was important for me to keep that going. All in all, the the past 12 weeks weren’t so bad at all, and I’m now feeling better than ever and so excited to see how my pregnancy continues to blossom.”

the differences

Let me just tell you, looking back at my post from baby #1 vs. this time is very different.

The first time around, I didn’t know what to expect . It was all new and was so over-joyed with the thought of having a baby that I think I blocked out a lot of the bad stuff. Mostly, the exhaustion this time around was way worse. I think that has to do with the fact that a. I have a toddler to chase after now and b. I work for myself, so some days are much slower than others, which led me to give into the tiredness more. At the end of the day, I just decided to listen to my body and rest. There were days where I could not physically bring myself to get off the couch and that was really hard. Thank goodness for my rockstar husband, Wes who picked up the slack in all areas. I don’t know how I would have done it without him!

This time, I was nauseous for most the day, vs. just in the morning (luckily, I never got to the point of vomiting). I would also get so bloated at the end of the day from all the carbs I was eating and some days woke up with severe stomach cramps. I started reading that constepation and digestive issues are common issues in the first 12 weeks. I will say, I was also eating a pretty strict ketogenic diet before this so I think my body went into a bit of a shock. If only I could go back to eating whatever I wanted and feeling ravenous all the time - it was so much better than the symptoms I was experiencing. I did find some comfort in a few things that I’ll list out below so hopefully they can help any of you dealing with the same thing.

The weight gain this time around was so much more noticeable. With my first, I didn’t really even start showing until about 20 weeks. This time around, the belly was there after just 8 weeks and because I couldn’t muster up the energy to work out, I felt like I was gaining weight everywhere (I’m sure all the carbs I was now consuming didn’t help). I knew that showing earlier with baby #2 was very common because your body knows what to expect, but I wasn’t feeling great about how it was showing up everywhere else! Now that I’m feeling better, I’m aiming to be back at the gym at least 3-4 times a week.

Overall, I’m just happy this first trimester is over! I am finally feeling back to normal and can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Here’s to hoping I feel this way for the rest of the pregnancy. But don't get me wrong, I’m still going to be at 9pm and sleeping 10 hours a night - growing a baby is hard work!

what helped me

  1. Anything carbonated: Mainly ginger ale, but perrier with lime or la croix was good too. This was a good alternative for water when that just didn’t sound good.

  2. Ginger tummy drops: These are like cough drop lozenges and I would have one right after I ate to help my food digest. It really helped with the nausea!

  3. Ginger peach tea: I found this Pink Stork brand at Target (it was created by a woman who had terrible morning sickness and created this blend herself). It seriously worked! I would have it at night and almost instantly I would feel less bloated and sick. It makes two servings so I would save the second cup and put it in the fridge to drink as iced tea the next day.

  4. Pro-biotics: Because my digestive system was so messed up, I started taking these to help with regularity and reduce bloating. I had never taken one before and now I don’t know if I will ever stop. It’s been so helpful (just make sure you take it every night consistently for it to work).

  5. Vitamin B6: I read this could help with nausea during pregnancy so I started taking it right away. At first it was really helping, but after a few weeks when the nausea had subsided on its own, I noticed this was making it worse so I stopped taking it.

I’ve listed all these items below (they can all be purchased on Amazon so you don’t even have to go to the store!