sale alert!

Levi’s jeans    on sale for limited time

Levi’s jeans on sale for limited time

Kimono jacket    currently 40% off

Kimono jacket currently 40% off

Happy almost Friday, friends! This week has flown by! It always seems to do that when you get back from vacation and reality hits you square in the face! I’m still playing catch up…one of my suitcases is still sitting half unpacked right in front of the stairwell, there is still loads of laundry to do, and I’m over here drinking all the pumpkin spice iced coffee’s trying to maintain my sanity. It was also a bit chaotic getting back into the house remodel zone as there was a lot of unanswered questions, and unfortunately some delay’s, but things are looking up and they are hopeful to get back on track {I’ll give you a full home renovation update next week}! But for now…I wanted to share some SALES with you!

SHOPBOP SALE // I have a full recap of this event over on the sale page of my Shop Tab. Check it out HERE {It includes my favorite Levi’s and SO MUCH MORE}!

I want to start sharing all the best sales with you each week moving forward! There is always a deal going on and usually most of the items I share with you eventually go on sale {and sell out quickly} so I wanted to have one place to share all the goodies with you! These will always be saved in the sale page of the Shop Tab up top (there is a drop down) and you can always save this link to your desktop or mobile phone for easy access! I will make sure to let you know whenever this page gets updated! Today, I’m sharing all my past favorites currently on sale and going like hot cakes! Along with a limited time Target home sale and so much more! You can check it out HERE!

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Hope you all have a fab weekend! We are going to enjoy the last few hot days of the year and go camping with some friends!