girl next door.


I was asked by one of my fellow blogger babes, Cortney from The Grey Edit to partake in her quiz she created to find your style edit. The purpose of this quiz is to not only find your true style, but find ways to build on that style. Not everyone is created equal. While I scored "girl next door" I was also parts "boho babe" and "abstract artsy". That's the beauty of style - you don't have to find just one, you can incorporate other types of style into yours. For example, "girl next door" is simple, yet trendy, usually opting for a great pair of jeans and a good tee. But, add in some edgy accessories, like fun shades and trendy belt, and I'm no longer just the girl next door, I'm so many things.

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Want to take Cortney's style edit quiz? Head here to find out what yours is! Make sure to leave me a comment below and let me know how you scored! 

Find out more about how I scored,  here

Find out more about how I scored, here