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This post has been on my editorial calendar FOREVER and I am finally getting around to writing it! What inspired me to post it this week? Well, I currently know multiple first-time mama's and several who just had their second so clearly, it's baby mania around here (and I'm drinking the cool-aid too and starting to think about baby #2!). These are all products I bought when I had Tayler and stand by them 100% as my must-have baby products. Most likely, you won't get these big-ticket items at your baby shower, but if you pregnant or know someone who is pregnant, I highly suggest investing in these, or getting a gift card to help facilitate the purchase! Below I'm breaking down the ins and outs of every item and why it helped me and is sure to do the same for you. Having a baby for the first time is hard enough, why make it more complicated with the products you buy? For me, simplicity and ease were key when deciding what to buy and in turn, the price was well worth it in the end. 

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1. Boppy: This was our home base when we brought Tayler home. We would put it on the dining room table while we ate, on the couch or ottoman when we were watching TV and even just on the floor as we did household chores, etc. It's perfect for lounging and they are really comfy. She took many of naps in her first few months in this thing! 

2. Rock N Play: This was another type of lounger when we weren't using the boppy. It's more secure so you can put the baby in it while you're taking a shower and leave it outside the door so you can see them - she always fell asleep in this too! We actually used it as her basinett for the first couple weeks after we brought her home and put it by our bed. 

3. Magic sleep suit: They have magic in the name for a reason! You can't use this until baby is at least 12 lbs (which for us was about 3 months old), but it was a LIFESAVER when transitioning Tayler into her big crib. It keeps them cozy, secure and safe. It was honestly a dream and she was sleeping through the night at least 8 hours with this suit! Bonus: they look like the Michelin man, LOL! 

4. Skip Hop nightlight: This is the cutest little thing. It's a nighlight (you can turn that feature on or off), it can project stars on the wall and it plays music. You can choose from 4 sounds/songs, we loved the nighttime one which was just a soothing sound of crickets chirping in the night. I love that you could also set it on a timer so it would automaticallly turn off after a certain time. Even now, at 2 years old Tayler turns it on every night before bed and watches the stars. 

5. Diaper bag/backpack: I love using a backpack for a diaper bag. This is not a designated diaper bag, but I loved it because it has two side pockets to fit bottles, a back portion inside where you can put diapers and it's waterproof (must have in Seattle)! It's also the perfect size and comes in a ton of colors! We still use it for her two years later. 

6. Dockatot: I can't say enough good things about this! It's a co-sleeper meant for baby to sleep in between you in the first few months. We didn't invest in it until she was about 6 months (I got it to help transition her out of the sleep suit and still feel snug in her crib). I wish I had it sooner because I would have used it in her portable crib we used in the first few months since we were horrible at swaddling! It's seriously worth the was perfect for traveling too so they can be in the bed with you if you didn't want to pack a portable crib. 

7. Nuna Pipa car seat: I ordered this car seat purely for the reviews that raved about how easy it was to install. We only wanted to buy one car seat and knew we would need to be switching it between our cars and giving it to our parents on occasion so we wanted something that was not only safe but easy to maneuver. This was clicks into the anchors or can be installed by a seatbelt and either way takes 60 seconds max! We also loved it because we got the Nuna Pipa Mixx stroller and it just popped in and out of that within seconds so if the baby was sleeping in the car you could easily transport them into the stroller without waking them! 

8. Nuna mini travel crib: We used this at her crib in our room until we transferred her into the big crib. It's the perfect size to fit in your room and it was great when we needed to get away for the weekend to see family or travel because it folds down very small and doesn't take up much space. We also used it in the Summer when we were hanging outside or at the beach - we would put the boppy in there and she would snooze away! 

If you have any questions about any of these products, leave me a comment below or reach out to me directly via email! I'm happy to help! These are what worked for me and are opinions of my own, but I am happy to share what worked for me with all of you! 

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