best of july.

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Why is it that every Summer it feels like it takes FOREVER to get here and then you blink and it's already the end of August! Hope you guys have been have a good Summer...ours has been CRAZY BUSY & CHAOTIC. Where do I even begin...

the happenings

In early July we moved into our temporary rental which was a bit chaotic to say the least. I would say we are settled but are you ever really settled when you are living in someone else's space. I thought moving into an AirBNB was a great idea, and then I realized I would be using someone else's things and I'll be's a bit weird, but we are making the best of it! 

July was also a busy month for my styling business as it was the highly coveted Anniversary sale {a huge thanks to all of you who supported me in shopping my links during the sale, it was my highest commissioned month yet}! This sale is by far my favorite of the year because it's the start of Fall Fashion, which is my absolute favorite! 

After all the craziness of the sale, Wes, Tayler and I headed to beautiful Lake Chelan for a week of relaxation and fun with a few of our friends. If you're not from the area, Lake Chelan is about 3 hours from Seattle and one of the most beautiful places. It has a cute little downtown area and a beautiful lake perfect for boating and floating {which we did a lot of}. It was really fun to stay with friends and their kids and just unplug for a bit. I highly recommend going - or just planning a trip with friends, we don't get to spend enough time together with our busy lives. It was the perfect way to round out the month! 

I realize it's almost September and I'm just getting around to posting my July recap! But, it's likely that August and September will be combined as I am leaving for September 7th for New York Fashion Week and then a European getaway after that (you can read all about that here, in case you missed it). I am going to do my best to pre-write blog posts while I'm gone and I do have a lot of fun content I want to share with you while I'm gone! 

what you shopped the most

The majority of the items you favored during July were from the Anniversary sale, but lucky for you, almost all items have been restocked so you can get your chance to buy now if they sold out before. 

what I'm currently loving

As always, thanks for following along! You guys are the best!