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 best travel backpack for laptop //  calpak

 best travel backpack for laptop // calpak

It's no surprise that I love to travel, but I'm also known for packing everything but the kitchen sink. Lately, the thought of checking and waiting for a bag gives me anxiety {I just want to get to my destination}, so I've been a bit more strategic with my travel accessories these days. Tayler and I went to California for 4 days a few weeks back and I managed to pack just a carry-on roller bag and backpack for the two of us {I still can't believe it}! I couldn't have done this without being organized so I'm sharing all of my favorite travel accessories that are sure to keep you organized and efficient. You guys actually voted for this post on Instagram and I love being able to bring you content you are excited to read about!

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stowaway roller bag

This is the basis for your entire packing agenda. In order to stay organized and still feel stylish rolling your bag through the airport, you must invest in a good roller bag. I prefer to carry-on because I really hate the thought of waiting for my luggage once I arrive at my destination, but some people love the ease of checking their bag and not having to lug anything through the crazy long lines {which we experience last week, ugh}. 


Since I never check my bags, I always put my roller bag in the overhead and carry on a backpack to get underneath my seat. What I love about a backpack versus a tote is that it's less to maneuver and you can usually fit a lot more in a backpack that has several compartments. What's great about this Calpak one is that it's meant to slide onto the handle of a roller bag so you can choose to wear it or roll it! The other option is one I love to use when I'm traveling with Tayler because I can fit my laptop plus all her essentials no problem. It even has an insulated pouch for keeping food or bottles cold. 


Here are my favorite accessories that are sure to keep you organized: packing cubes to fit into your suitcase so everything has its place, a wallet/passport holder, and clear pouches to keep toiletries, make up and misc. items such as earbuds, lipgloss, etc. 


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