best of april & may 2018.

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I promised to share my happenings for the month with you all {especially for those of you who don't follow me on social media}, but I got a bit behind with all this house remodel stuff! So, I'm recapping April & May together, sharing the most shopped items, along with what I'm currently loving. 


April was a crazy busy month coming off our Hawaii vacay and trying to find a place for us to live during our remodel. Luckily, we were able to score an AirBNB for 6 months {wahoo} that is super close to our house and actually a lot more cost effective. 

Styled Out West celebrated its 1-year bloggiversary which was super exciting {you can read more about that HERE}. What a fun journey this has been for me - and I still pinch myself daily that I get to bring you all content that you enjoy reading and hearing about while making a living for myself. 

We took Tayler to Peppa Pig Live {her favorite show of all time} and I have never seen her so happy! My Dad also came to visit from New Jersey and he had so much fun spending time with his only grand-daughter! 

Probably the most profound thing of the past two months was my journey starting the ketogenic diet. This has literally been life-changing for me. Not only because I'm losing inches and have so much more energy, but most of all because it's completely changed the way I think about food and how often I eat! You can read more about that HERE

We finally got our house permits!!! This means that construction will start sometime at the end of June! This also means we have to pack up our entire house and be prepared to live very simply for about 6 months until this is complete {most of our things will be packed away and stored}. But I could not be more excited to get this started and share all the finishes we pick along the way! 

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