tape-in hair extensions: pros and cons.


A while back I posted about my experience getting tape-in hair extensions. As promised, I am giving you an update with my experience getting them taken out and re-applied, along with some pros and cons. I know a lot of you expressed your interest in trying these, but wanted to know more about the maintenance, so here is what I've learned... {if you want to read the first post, you can do so here}. 


I had my first re-application about 8 weeks after my first install. This process is so easy and quick! They remove each extension {they are sandwiched together} and spray in a bit of alcohol to remove the glue. Then, they wash your hair to get out any remaining residue and reapply the same hair with new tape. You're in and out in about an hour {depending on how many sandwiches of hair you use - this time I only had 10}. 


You can wash your hair as normal, you just have to be careful when shampooing not to get shampoo directly onto the tape {also use sulfate free shampoo as it's not as harsh on the glue}. Your hair will be a bit more greasy around that tops where the tape adheres since you can't really get a good clean there, but it's not noticeable since the top of your hair hides it. They recommend that you use oils at the ends of the hair to keep it healthy. I do this usually right after I wash and then again on dry hair after I blow dry. You also have to be careful when blowdrying not to get the heat too close to the glue as it can break it down and cause them to loosen. You must also use a brush that doesn't pull at the tape {I used the wrong brush the first time and one came right now after pulling too hard}. You can shop the products I use below. 

pros & cons

Pros: You can get long and fuller hair in an hour for little to no maintenance. Hair doesn't hurt as I've heard the more permanent ones do. You can use the hair for up to 6 months, so although it's an investment, it's worth it because you can choose when to take them out and re-apply. The color match is flawless and hair can even be died or toned to match your exact hair color. You don't have to cut your hair while you have them in and you can let your hair grow naturally which is what my goal was. 

Cons: It's a bit pricey - 20 sandwiches of hair are about $500 and the application is about $100-$200 each time. But like I said, the hair can last up to 3 applications so it's worth it.  Also, 20 sandwiches were way too much for my liking, since I only used 10 sandwiches this hair will now last me a year! You can't wear your hair in a bun or ponytail which is kind of a bummer...but when you have long and luscious locks you want to wear it down anyway! It does take longer to blow-dry and style, but you don't have to do it as often as the hair actually keeps your real hair from producing as many natural oils so you can wash less often. 

Overall, the pros far outweigh the cons! I'm excited that I have another 10 sandwiches of hair to use that I haven't even touched yet! So I decided for Summer I am going to take them out and give my hair a break...that way I can also wear it in a bun and not style it on those really hot days or while on vacay at the lake this Summer. When Fall rolls around, I will put them back in and get to enjoy my long hair again {which I seriously loved so much}.

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