mom shaming.


About a month ago, Jessi from The Miami Rose reached out to me to ask if she could interview me about various Mom topics. Of course, I was flattered and thrilled to work with her as I had loved her interviews from the past! She sent over a few topic ideas and "Mom shaming" was one of them. This really intrigued me because although I haven't had a ton of experience with this myself, it was a topic I was very passionate about. As women, we should be supporting one another, not tearing each other down, but I feel like when it comes to the topic of motherhood,  everyone has an opinion. I get very candid about the topic and my feelings about the pressures on women to be perfect, return to work and try to do it all themselves. Head on over to the blog post to read more!


Happy Mother's Day

to all the amazing Mama's out there. You are truly amazing! Much love to you this weekend - may you get spoiled to your heart's content and enjoy the day with your babies, no matter how big or small.