website re-design & giveaway!

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Well hello there, I've missed you! Sorry I've been MIA, but I've been hard at work creating a new web design with the talented lady from Peach Face Design ! About a month ago, I was in a major funk about blogging and social media in general. I think I felt stuck and to be honest, overwhelmed with everything going on in my life {a toddler, working multiple part-time jobs, a house remodel - just to name a few} that I needed to take a little break. I didn't post to Instagram or look at my blog for a few days so I could do some reflecting. I've been blogging off and on for almost 7 years now and when I thought about why I started it in the first place, it was because I wanted to bring people joy through my words and style. I felt as if these past few months I had lost that. I was writing less and less and my intentions were not the same as when I started. I would post pictures on Instagram just to keep up with the rest of them, or throw together a blog post the morning I told you it would go live because I didn't want to let anyone down. But it wasn't quality work. Looking back, I was being too hard on myself and taking a step back was the best thing for me. 

Moral of the story? I am not super-woman and I can't do it all. So that's where I turned to Sasha at Peach Face Design to help me out with my website. It's something that I have been wanting to work on for a while now, but I was so focused on reaching my goal of 10k followers on Instagram {you can read more about that HERE} that I had neglected the blog. Before, you could only read blog posts by scrolling through each of them to find what you wanted to read. Now, you can search by category, shop more easily, and the design is fresh and simple. I also just LOVE the new logo that Sasha created! If you are looking to refresh your website or build one from scratch she is AMAZING. And even though she lives in Australia, she was always available via email to answer my 1 MILLION questions. To contact Sasha, you can email her at

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Okay, now on to the juicy stuff! In honor of Styled Out West getting a facelift, I am giving away a $400 gift card to Target to one lucky reader! For details on how to enter, see the details below. GOOD LUCK!!!


I teamed up with fellow bloggers to host this giveaway!

Enter to win a $400 Target Giftcard by earning points!

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