my experience with hair extensions.


For the past few months, I had been wanting to try hair extensions. I used to have no problem growing out my hair, but ever since having a baby, my hair just doesn't grow the same as it used to {if any of you mama's can relate, and have tips, please comment below}. I considered buying clip-ins so that I could do them when I wanted, but I just know myself and I WOULD NOT take the time to learn how to put them, let alone actually apply them {If it takes me longer than 10 minutes to get ready in the morning, I ain't doing it}! 

I was asking around to some of you who follow me on Instagram, about what you guys thought and which versions you liked. A couple of you mentioned you loved clip-ins, some said they do the halo version {that seems way easier than clip-ins - for more on that check out my girl over at almost ready blog for a tutorial}, and one of you said you tried tape-ins...that's where I was intrigued.

Tape-in hair extensions are semi-permanent and last for about 6-9 weeks before you have to get them removed and re-installed. I did some research and a fellow blogger babe of mine {@obsessedbyportia} had them done and shared her experience on her blog as well. I was obsessed with the way they looked on her and also the fact that they lasted for 2 months and I didn't have to do anything myself. So I contacted Kim at Salon Ish to learn more info and I decided to pull the trigger...and I am so happy I did!

my experience with tape-in hair extensions

Let me start by saying that Salon Ish is all the way in Puyallup, which if you are from the Seattle area know is really far drive. But, since I knew a friend had used her I wanted to go there first as it's really hard to trust someone to do your hair unless you have a referral. Plus, I was really excited to meet Kim because she is a fellow entrepreneur and marketing guru whom I had admired after stalking her Instagram feed. 

For the INITIAL CONSULT, she has you come to the salon to do a complimentary color match. This is so she can most accurately choose the hair color that is best for you. A lot of the clip in hair extension companies will color match you over the internet, but obviously, the best way to get the perfect match is in person. We went with two different colors for my extensions to really bring out the lighter shade of blonde I've been trying to achieve in my real hair and add a highlight effect. At the consult, you pay for the hair and the first install. Here is where it gets REAL. The cost of hair is an investment, starting at $375 and up, but I really think it's worth it if longer and fuller hair is what you are trying to achieve while still looking very natural. Keep in mind, the hair lasts in total for about 6 months since you can re-apply up to 3 times. You can read more about the lengths, pricing, etc. here. 

For the FIRST APPOINTMENT,  she will install the hair and style afterward. Believe it or not, this appointment only takes an hour and you're out on the town with amazing voluminous hair! I'll be honest, when I first got mine in, I was a little bit in shock. It was SO MUCH HAIR and I didn't feel as if it looked very natural. But, to my surprise, most people who I saw every day actually said they didn't notice I got extensions as they looked so natural and loved me with longer hair! I do prefer my hair to be a little less full, so at my next appointment, I will have Kim put less of them in {bonus: the hair will last twice as long this way}! You can choose how many you want to have in at once as you purchased in packs. One pack has 10 sandwiches of hair and I bought two packs so had 20 pieces in.

Here is the LOW DOWN of how it went after my appointment. First off, when getting them installed make sure to discuss your lifestyle with your stylist as that will determine how many you should get and how close to the root they apply them. For me, I rarely wear my hair any other way but down and curled so she went super close to the root. I realized after, I didn't love this because I couldn't put my hair in a high ponytail or bun when working out at the gym, which was kind of a bummer. Also, having them so close to the root does pull at your hairs a tad so it takes some getting used to. But after a couple days, I didn't even notice, and I just wore my hair in a low pony which was totally fine. Unfortunately, after my first wash and brushing of my hair, one of them did fall out {it doesn't rip your hair out, as two pieces of hair are sandwiched together so they just come apart}.  They did continue to fall out with every wash which I found out later is VERY uncommon so we determined that my hair was too oily at the time of install. Next time, she will wash my hair at the appointment and then install them right after so my hair is super clean and oil-free. 

Overall, I highly recommend these to anyone who is looking for length or fullness. They are pretty low maintenance and you actually end up washing your hair less because the extensions don't have any natural oils which keep the rest of your hair really dry. They do take longer to style so be prepared to blow-dry your hair longer than normal. You can shampoo and condition like normal, but try not to get too close to the adhesive and stay towards the top of your head for shampoo and very bottom of your ends for conditioner. Be careful when brushing too as you don't want the bristle to get caught in the adhesive portion {it's important to brush often so the hair doesn't get tangles}. 

I will make sure to update you guys after my first removal and re-install on a future post! If you live in the Seatttle/Tacoma area, you can book an appointment with Kim using the info below. She also does cut and amazing color! Bonus - the salon is super cute and they also do lash extensions, facials and much more! 





Salon: Salon Ish // Stylist: Kim @kimberlymariestylist {email:}