mallorca travel guide.


Ever since Wes and I did a 16 day trip in Europe for our honeymoon three years ago, we had talked about going back. There is just something about the European culture that I’m so drawn to - maybe it’s their laid back temperament, the beautiful architecture and history, or the fact that they sleep in and stay up late enjoying meals together without the distractions of TV or social media. Do you need me to go on?

One of our favorites on our 17 day tour was Spain (I will do a travel guide for each of the places we visited on the blog soon). One of the places we wanted to visit was either Ibiza or Mallorca which are both islands off Spain, but it didn’t fit into our schedule. So, when we decided to take another trip to Europe this year, Mallorca was at the top of our list. Wes started researching and he was sold just by the pictures alone. And let me tell you, I am so happy we made the decision to visit Mallorca as it’s hands down one of my new favorite destinations!

mallorca travel guide

Sollér: This was the first stop on our trip. Let me just start by saying that I really didn’t know what to expect when we got to Mallorca. Wes had mentioned that we were going to be exploring the entire island (you can drive the entire thing in about 3 or 4 hours), but that’s really all I knew. The drive from Palma where the airport is located to Soller was stunning in and of itself so I knew I was in for a treat. We stayed at the beautiful Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel which had only opened a mere few months before we got there. For only have been open for a short time I was so impressed! This hotel was spectacular and totally up my alley in terms in aesthetics with a serious bohemian vibe that made you feel instantly relaxed. I was ready to move in permanently! The location was also amazing because it was just a few steps (well more like 50+ steps) from the marina where there were a ton of restaurants and bars so you didn’t have to drive anywhere.

Deía & Valldamosa: Since we had a car, we wanted to explore as many surrounding towns as we could. Our first stop was Deía. We had slept in and missed breakfast that morning so we were starving by the time we got there. Wes remembered about this place called S’hortet that had farm to table breakfast and lunch so we set out to find it. Little did we know we would end up walking the longest route possible in the heat and without water for what felt like hours, but we finally found it and it was worth every minute of that long walk! Wes ordered a fresh acai bowl and I got a caprese sandwich on gluten free bread nonetheless. We finished it off with a homemade almond smoothie - delish! Then we visited another small town of Valldamosa and just walked around the shops and cobblestone alley ways in awe of all the architecture around us.

Sa Calobra: We took the scariest drive ever along cliffs (luckily they had a tiny railing unlike some places I’ve been to in Italy) and what felt like the smallest road ever. At certain points you could only fit one car through so cars had to back up if you couldn’t squeeze by. Wes was having a mild panic attack because he opted out of insurance on the Audi rental car we had (LOL). Luckily we made it without any incidents and the drive was beautiful…unlike anything I had ever seen. We stopped at the beautiful lake of Gorg Blau on the way for a photo op and it was incredible. There are hikes you can do in and out of that gorge which are supposed to be amazing. We ended at Sa Calobra which is a small cove you can walk down to through a cave - pretty cool! The weather wasn’t great and it was super windy down at the beach so we didn’t stay long, but of course, we still took a dip because the temperature felt like bath water! On the way back we hit a major rain storm and had to travel down the mountain for an hour in what felt like a monsoon and barely any visibility - eek!

Cala D’Or: This is where we spent the second half of our trip. We stayed at a small B&B called Ceiba Maria - it was an old building turned into a hotel and every morning the owners hand delivered us coffee and breakfast on the terrace by the pool. I just love that about the European culture, that food and togetherness are so important. This hotel was also walking distance from the town square and marina where you could find tons of food options. We ate the best tapas and even found an Asian Fusion restaurant that was to die for (both were so good that we went back twice while we were there). We spent one of the days on a sailboat exploring the coast of Cala D’Or and met some great people while on board - highly recommend doing this tour if you make it to Mallorca! We stopped at the most incredible beach cove that had the most turquoise water I had ever seen.

Caló Des Moro & Cala Lombards: Caló Des Moro is a cove you can walk down to (about 15-20 small hike so where tennis shoes). It gets really crowded and it’s tiny so I would suggest going early. We got there around 11 and there were 50-75 other people already. Some of the best beaches we found just by putting the name into our GPS and ending up on a side road somewhere talking a man made pathway down the rocks to the beach. Our favorite was Cala LLombards because there was a beach bar with $3 rosé! Lastly, another beach we went to but didn’t spend much time at because it was a major rain storm for most the day was Playa de Muro on the other side of the island. It was an awesome sand bar and we hung out at the beach bar right in front until the rain subsided!

All info for where we ate & stayed and what we visited is below. If you have any questions about our trip don’t hesitate to ask! You can also check out my highlight reel labeled Mallorca on my Instagram for videos of the entire trip!

Where we ate

Soy - Asian Fusion // La Bodega - Tapas // No Name - Tapas with influence from other types of countries // S’hortet - Farm to table breakfast and lunch // Can Gavella Beach Bar - this was an awesome spot that you can hang at all day because of the sand bar beach right in front // There are so many good places to eat, just check yelp or trip advisor before hand!

Where we stayed

Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel in Port De Sollér // Ceiba Maria in Cala D’Or

What we did

The drive to Sa Calobra cove // Explored small towns of Deía & Valldamosa // Sailboat ride through Cala D’Or // Hike to Caló Des Moro cove - make sure to go early as it gets really crowded. It’s not a place you will want to hang out all day so bring very little with you and just go for the photos and a quick dip in the beach as the cove is very small // Cala LLombards Beach - our favorite beach by far!