how to survive winter in the pac nw.


For those of you who live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, can probably relate to my sentiment about the Winters here. If I had to sum them up in one word, it would be GREY. The dark, gloomy days can be daunting, especially come January when the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over and you're ready to start being more active and get outside.

Well today, I'm sharing my little secret to help you get through the Winter with a little more optimism. Book a trip somewhere sunny! For Wes and I, we usually plan a trip somewhere sunny in November/December time so that we can have something to look forward to after the holidays. This year, we booked a trip to one of my favorite places, San Diego. We are leaving Tayler with Nana {we are taking her to Hawaii in March} so we can have a long weekend full of much-needed adult time. Here's my other little secret about traveling...I almost never pay full price for anything.

Me in San Diego last year at the cutest coffee shop //   Communal Coffee

Me in San Diego last year at the cutest coffee shop // Communal Coffee

Here's my tips for finding deals for travel:

  • First off, check out websites like Expedia and to find the best deals on airfare, hotels and rental cars before going anywhere else.
  • Research credit cards that give you travel points just for using it. Here are our favorites cards: American Express Starwood: this gives you deals on any Starwood hotels {including Westin, Marriott, etc}, and airfare with no blackout dates - we got a major discount on our hotel in SD using this card; Chase Sapphire: this is one of the best cards for travelers with extra points for money spent on travel and dining - we basically got free tickets to Hawaii just by using this card; Alaska Airlinesthis is only good if you travel on Alaska Airlines 90% of the time, otherwise you won't reep the benefits - always check on miles before you pay for a plane ticket, we got our airfare to San Diego by using just 7k miles each way.

For some of us, getting on a plane and going somewhere isn't an option, and that's okay. That's the beauty of living in the Pac NW, there are so many places you can visit in Eastern Washington that get way more sun than Seattle. Even if there isn't sunshine, a little change of scenery is always a good option for curing those January blues.

Here are some local destinations I would suggest visiting this Winter:

  • Suncadia resort - such a darling little area, you can go sledding, head to the lodge for some drinks by the fire and just relax.
  • Yakima - they have great wineries and breweries and they get like 300 days of sunshine a year.
  • Leavenworth - you won't get a ton of sun, but it's such a charming little town if you haven't been! 
  • Lake Chelan - a popular Summer destination, known for its beautiful lake, but just as desirable in the Winter and you're likely to get some sun on the other side of the mountains. 

So tell me, do you have a trip planned this month or next!? If so, tell me where! And if not, hopefully, these tips inspire you to get outta town and make this month a little more fun! 

xo // J E N N A