spring 2018 trends.


Every year, there are two seasons I look forward to the most, Spring & Fall {mainly for the fashion and the weather}. Here in Seattle, we truly get 4 seasons so by the time Spring rolls around I am so desperate for some sunshine and pastels. It also makes it really hard to shop in January when all the Spring lines roll out because I want to buy everything, but we are still bundled up in coats and hats here for a little while. I always love to see what new styles are trending and which ones carry over from a previous season or make a come-back from years ago. 

Here are some of the Spring 18' trends I'm loving

  1. Loafers and slides: this trend was huge last year and it's not going anywhere. I am loving all extra details like gemstones, bows and fur
  2. Stripes: this has forever been a spring staple, but I am really into the new variation with oversized men's inspired blouses. 
  3. Pastels: again, not a new concept but I am just so drawn to this color palette, and this year, Lilac is the one to be seen in. 
  4. High waisted pants: an ode to the 80's and 90's mom jeans, this fit is not for everyone, and I never thought I could pull it off, but after I finally gave it to trying it, I realized how flattering it really was {it makes your legs look a mile long}! 
  5. Trench coats: The perfect layering piece for Spring and instantly makes anything look uber chic. 
  6. Florals: adding a new twist with chiffon, ruffles and always brings a feminine twist. 


xo // J E N N A