how to dress for work in the summer.

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How to dress for work in the Summer



I know we all have Fall on our minds {well at least I do}, but Summer isn't over for another month and here in Seattle the 10-day forecast calls for high 80's! Dressing for work in the Summer can be difficult when it's blazing hot outside and the AC is blasting in the office. Last month, I discussed this very topic with King 5 news and I styled two beautiful girls for different types of work offices: business & casual. Here are my tips for staying stylish & comfertable at work in the Summer. You can watch more of my segment on this topic on King 5 news here.

  1. Layering is key: Add a blazer or denim jacket to any bottom {depending on your workplace dress code} for when you step inside and you get chilly.
  2. It's okay to show your arms at work - so don't be shy to wear a sleeveless dress as long as it's appropriate in the bust and not showing too much skin elsewhere. 
  3. Go for lighter materials like a linen blazer and cotton blend pants/skirts so they don't feel so heavy.
  4. Incorporate color through accessories: like tying a scarf to your handbag or wearing fun jewelry.
My two beautiful friends I styled for the segment! 

My two beautiful friends I styled for the segment! 


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