to my daughter on your first birthday.

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On 6/11/17 my baby girl turned ONE. When did that happen!? In honor of her first birthday, I put together a little family photo shoot so I could always remember the 3 of us on Tayler's first birthday. She has been such a joy to Wes and I and all our friends and family so I wanted to share with you a little something I will put in her baby book for her first few years of life. 

Dear Tayler Lou -

It seems like yesterday I was just writing you a note in your baby book while you were still in my belly. I was fighting back the tears as I was overwhelmed with joy about bringing you into the world. And today, as I write this, I also fight back the tears as those feelings of joy turn into reality. You are my the light of my life, and quite frankly, a ray of sunshine to everyone you come in contact with. Whether you're blowing kisses to strangers at the grocery store, or staring blankly with those giant blue eyes you put a smile on everyone's face. Being your Mom is my greatest joy and accomplishment and I have nothing but confidence in knowing you will grow to be a successful, kind and loving young lady. This past year has flown by - I guess it's true what they say - and every minute I've spent with you have been the best of my life. 

I want to remember everything about your one-year-old self, so here are some of my favorite things about you. I love how you lay your head on my shoulder when you're tired; play independently with your toys while I'm trying to get work done; how much you love the doggie, Jackson and Peppa the Pig {and even say "Peppa" every time I turn the TV on}; how you kiss yourself in the mirror; share your toys and your food {one quality your Dad and I did not give you}; your love for music and how you dance and sing; how much you love any type of water whether it's the pool, bath or even the dog bowl; how happy you are when I come to pick you up from your crib in the morning {sometimes laughing uncontrollably in excitement to see me}; the list could go on and on.

I am so grateful that I have gotten to stay home with you this first year. You amaze me with your ability to figure out the world in your own way, without my help. You are everything I imagined you would be and more and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life watching you flourish. 

With all my love,