downtown love.

To some, the city stresses them out with all the traffic, people, the cluster F*** that it can be, but for me, it's where I feel the most alive. It's no surprise that I am a social butterfly, which is why I flourish downtown, with all the energy, the restaurants, and don't forget, the SHOPPING! It's like the city is my runway and I'm on the catwalk. Summer in the city is like nothing else. Everyone is smiling, sipping iced coffee and ready to take on the day {and enjoy a drink afterwards}. On a nice day, you can usually find me downtown at some rooftop bar or deck enjoying an adult beverage. There's just something about drinking champagne 15 stories above the ground. Although it doesn't happen as much now that I'm a Mama, I still make a point to go downtown at least a few times a week and soak in the city in all its glory. 

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shop necklace //   TREVALLY NECKLACE

shop necklace // TREVALLY NECKLACE


xo // J E N N A