my favorite baby sleep-aids.

Because Mother's Day this weekend I decided to post all Mom-related things on this week's blog post. Today, I'm sharing my favorite products for getting my babe to sleep through the night and take naps! No, this is not a gimmick! And please don't hate me if you are one of those many Mom's who did not have a baby who slept through the night because sometimes it's literally out of your control. I seriously feel your pain and know how hard it can be {we have had a few sleep regressions along the way}. I want to say I'm lucky, but I also think it has a lot to do with the research and books I read before I had Tayler and the help of these amazing sleep aids! 

Magic Sleep Suit // It's magic alright! Close friends of ours had used this with their first baby and swore by it. For under $50 I was sold! They have to be at least 12 lbs for them to start using it so we didn't use it until she was about 3 months old. But I must say, that prior to using it she was already sleeping through the night in her rock n' play {that is a completely different post that I promise to share soon}. She hated being swaddled from the day we brought her home from the hospital so this was the perfect thing for her because she could still have her arms free and chew on her fingers if she wanted. I also love that it kept her cozy and secure when we transitioned her into her big crib at 3 months old. It comes in two sizes: 3-6 months and 6-9 months. I have to say, not only does this thing really work, but I don't think you can put it on your child without cracking up! They look like the Michelin Man! 

DockATot // I really wish I would have invested in this while Tay was a newborn. It's meant to be a co-sleeper to put in bed with you at their very early stages. We never were keen on having her in bed with us, but the small portable crib we bought her to go in our room was still far too big for her so this would have been perfect to lay inside the crib! I got it when she was about 3 months old because once we transitioned her into her big crib, she wasn't taking great naps because there was just too much room for her to wiggle around. I didn't want to put her in the Sleep Suit at nap time since she was in it all night so this was perfect! Warning: they do suggest that you don't put babies in the DockATot without your supervision, but I have a monitor that I kept on me at all times and knew she was safe. I will say, this item is super spendy,'s totally worth the investment. She is 11 months old and still naps in it! And it's great for traveling because when you don't want to pack a portable crib, you can just put this in the bed with you and nap on the go! 

xo // J E N N A