work at home mama

When I decided to not return to corporate america and stay home with my baby girl Tayler {now 7.5 months} I gave myself a free-pass for a year to just enjoy being a mama and take it all in. Well, that lasted for about 3 months and then I was itching to do something. It wasn't that I didn't love being home with her, but I had so many other passions before I had her and I didn't want to see those get put to the wayside just because I was a mother. Being a mom doesn't have to define you; it just changes things a bit. And let me tell you all, I have a new found appreciation for stay-at-home moms. It's hard! And it's even harder when you decide to start your own business while doing it. 

About a year ago, I started to pursue personal styling with a dear friend of mine. During that time, we both ended up getting pregnant and life got busy {and we were tired, let's be honest} so we didn't do much with our business. We also were working full-time jobs and trying to keep up with our social calendars so this didn't leave much time for anything else. We decided to part ways, and over that time, I was able to learn more about our customer, expand our Instagram following and network, network, network. I didn't want to lose the momentum we had built up so I went ahead full speed. (Don't worry, we are still the best of friends). 

The past few months have been challenging in the sense that I felt like I was failing at being a work at home mom. Either I wasn't getting enough work done, or not spending enough time with Tay. It was a balancing act and one that is nearly impossible to manage without a bit of help. After the holidays I took some time to re-group and decided my new years' resolution was to be in the moment. I felt I was too consumed with my phone, social media and making connections and I looked up to realize one day that my baby girl was 7 months old...ahhhh. Luckily, I have been blessed with such a happy, easy-going baby which makes working so much easier because she is super independent. But I still felt as if something needed to change. 

I decided to make the desk area that's in our "man-cave" a bit more feminine so that I actually want to go down there and work. Now, I set aside 3-4 hours a day to work while Tay is napping and the rest of the time I'm hanging with her or doing god knows what around the house, but with her by my side {I've also hired a nanny a couple hours a week so I can sneak away to work}. I am so much more efficient during these few hours than I was during a 10 hour day going back and forth from my computer to changing diapers and anything else in between I was sidetracked with. And yes, there are days when I have to take Tay with me to meetings {like in this picture below} or I have to rely on my husband to come home early so I can make it to an event. There are a lot of sacrifices when you start a business, but it's all worth it when you get to do what you love! 

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xo. jenna